What is a Skywire Miner?

As everyone is aware of Bitcoin-mining and the money he or she used to be able to make from it. There is much attention looking for the next big thing that can replace the over-saturated mining community.

There are many other altcoins that require mining, yet competition is almost as high as the cost of running these operations. As well as that, as with BTC, there is a reduction of mining at varying periods, so this sort of activity is not long term.

These problems along with many others are being addressed and focus will be pointing toward not only Skycoin (SKY) but also Skywire and the potential of mining for this up and coming crypto.

This has the potential to change much more than the alternative currencies; it has the potential to improve how we connect and use the internet which is the vision that Satoshi had intended from the start. It is the function of these “Skywire-Miners” to perform this task rather than mining for coins which consume vast amounts of electricity.

With the induction of Skywire Internet and SKY, many questions are about to be answered, and issues will be rectified with current digital currency and the internet as we know it.

A Free and Open Internet

How is it possible to create a free and open internet when governments are pushing for restrictions on the ISPs? The team behind Skywire-meshnet (and Sky coin) have built a solution that is breaking new ground of how the internet is provided to us rather than users being reliant on their providers.

With a peer-to-peer approach, net neutrality is again promoted, and it is possible to share content without blocking, censorship and any slowdowns. Free speech could soon be back with the users while privacy is enforced making browsing much safer for all.

A New Networking Protocol

This new network protocol is already changing the internet as it is previously known. Being based on MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching), it brings the quality of service, reliability, security, and speed. SKY is reaching beyond these standards to deliver an even better and faster network. It has been designed to deliver high performance and maximum privacy and will allow users to bypass their ISP and take back control, and in the purest form, they can become their own ISP.

The New Skywire Miner

The current backbone of the internet ends in massive data centers where connections and requests are forwarded to find the page or destination a user wishes to visit. With Skywire this function is handed back to the Skywire Miner.

With other altcoins, these miners verify the transactions. With Skywire the function is very much different as they require no additional verification so the chances of any mining pools taking away the vision of a decentralized cryptocurrency with SKY will never happen. It can also speed up the consensus algorithm which causes backlogs in transaction processing.

The function of these miners is to provide the new backbone for the new internet. Hardware is custom built to a very high standard which exceeds the highest technical specifications to make sure they can deliver their promise of maximum performance and power.

Once running this hardware performs quite similar to a specialized VPN service and comes with very high specifications.

Skywire Miner Rig Specifications

The first incarnation of a mining rig consists of the following components:

  • 8 CPU boards
  • 2 GB ram on each board
  • 4 CPU cores on each board
  • 32 – 256 GB of flash storage on each board
  • 64 bit OS – Alpine Linux
  • Gigabit Ethernet – 8+1 port switch

This configuration has been built for one purpose, and it is a purpose it does very well. All the hardware has been constructed in such a way that if one service becomes compromised none of the other services will be affected.

The unit comes with an OpenWRT router with access control and strict packet forwarding which optimizes the security.

These nodes would sit in miners homes or business as BTC-mining-rigs currently do, yet that is pretty much where the similarity ends.

The Skywire mining rig distributes content more privately and faster than other alternatives which are done by the combination of two components. Skynet and Aether.

Aether is a P2P system that powers this anonymous distribution of web content. The second component Skynet forms the new backbone of this distributed network.

P2P Distribution

These two components can be run separately yet when they are together they form an indestructible network. The local cache will hold resources without connecting to the internet however when a user is looking for a file which is located on your miner can retrieve it and pass it along the network.

Skywire leverages the power of P2P technology in a unique way which can give an alternative to the current internet infrastructures which are in place.

How will we get one, and how can you make money from it?

Details at the moment on getting a miner appear not set in concrete. Yet, it seems there will be 300 units available to purchase, and the cost will be one bitcoin for 1 unit.

For this, you would receive the Skywire mining rig and an amount of Skycoins currency deposited into your coin wallet. This would equate to the value one BTC less the hardware cost which should be close to $600 dependent on the market rate for the coin at time of purchase.

To enable you to profit from running a Skywire-mining-rig the nodes will be receiving an incentive to help build the network.

Payments will be made for traffic forwarding using these rigs, yet there is still the mechanism to put into place that helps them distinguish the miners from other nodes (any machine on the network). The payments once decided upon would be automatically deposited into your wallet much the same way as LiteCoin.

When this technology comes to fruition it will bring with it the real vision from Satoshi Nakamoto, and it will also not just change the internet as we know it, it will reinvent it.